how to choose LED ceiling lights, and why ?

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LED ceiling lights are the latest technology in the field of lighting, where anyone is designed for indoor lighting, "whether," it is for corridors, stairs, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, balcony, living room, living room, or for lighting in open spaces, "whether," for office space, shops, etc.
We can through the LED ceiling lights hide any defects in place, in addition to highlighting the beauty of the place through the provision of a variety of ways lighting and high quality.

how to choose LED ceiling lights, and why ?

LED ceiling lights trace the evolution of the major trends in lighting, to provide fashionable designs and ingenious patterns different light, to meet the different needs and tastes, to become the almost popular types of lighting.

LED ceiling lights are the best option for you, if you want lighting for somewhere, "whether," for decoration or want a comfortable life.

Therefore, in the following we will review everything about LED ceiling lights

What is the meaning of (LED)?

(LED) is an abbreviation diode light-emitting

The LED light emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. The light is not bright, in particular, but most of the lamps are monochromatic, which occur at a single wavelength.

What are the advantages of lights LED?

Advancing industry technology LED bulbs quickly through competing manufacturers to design bulb suit the needs of different home, whether it is lights, ceiling lights, wall lights or outdoor lights.

There are many advantages of using lights, LED ceiling lights, compared with the other review, including the following:

1- low electricity consumption by up to 70 % compared with other bulbs.

2 - Save your money because it is a long-term (approximately 50,000 hours) under optimum conditions.

3 - Provide more flexibility in terms of design, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and brightness, so that it can be installed in any place, without restriction.

4 - LED light up to full brightness in microseconds, and much faster than fluorescent lamps, and 10 times faster than ordinary bulbs.

5 - LED light environmentally friendly because it uses a
solid amalgam, and in the case of breaking it does not cause pollution to the environment, compared with other lights.

6 - LED light source does not reveal, and affects the skin and cause eye fatigue, thus working to protect the health of the skin and eye.

7 - Can be remote-controlled, because it is small in size.

8 - LED does not emit any radiation either UV or IR radiation, no electromagnetic interference.

9 -100 % recyclable.

10 - Run on the approval of low-voltage, light up immediately and fixed without any glimmer.

11 - It is easy to install and use, resistance to high temperatures and low or vibration.

12 - Lamps usually do not "burn out" like incandescent bulbs, but get gradually faded with the passage of time.

13 - LED lighting is able to use light energy more efficiently in many applications.

14 - And longer rated life also translates into reduced maintenance costs.

15 - This could be useful in the areas of lighting is critical. They also tend to use less than one-sixth as much energy as incandescent or halogen counterparts, and 2.3 times less than most light bulbs.

16 - Do not contain mercury, such as light bulbs do .The reduction of harmful emissions (including mercury) from power generation, eliminating the chance of getting it in the waste stream when it is to get rid of the bulb is very good for the environment.

17 - These lights do not heat, and therefore, they are the solution to the problems in the short circuit.

18 - Ideal for all kinds of weather, where temperatures affect performance.

19 - Can be directed to a specific location without the use of external reflector.

20 - Do not attract insects, they do not give out UV light (which attract insects) for the house free of these pests evening.

21 - led ceiling lights are very nice and easy to disguise and its intelligent design , people can manually control , the open or close at a certain time and turn the color from time to time to control the lighting rhythm, to form personalities and different styles to meet different needs .

22 - Color options are endless with LED lights since the bulbs themselves can be colored to meet the specific needs of the user, no filters are required.

LED lights are lights perfectly for you

How to choose LED ceiling lights ?   

LED ceiling lights used to express the interior of the building,
By choosing LED ceiling lights are good, they are embedded in the ceiling light such as light beam down, contributes to highlight the beauty of the place and highlight the technical points deals in construction , so when choosing LED ceiling lights take into account the following

1 – Choose the correct color of LED ceiling lights that you need for your circumstances "whether," Warm white or cool white.

2 –
When purchasing your LED ceiling lights Search for metal hinges.

3 –The Ensure operating voltage of the lamp, especially when you connect the lamp electricity, lead effort to damage the wrong bulbs.

4 - Must be seen in the entire department does not leak out or damage to personal safety before they are installed LED ceiling lights.
5 - LED must work with the driver (which converts the energy in Singapore AC to direct current) failure of drivers usually by LED.
So ask for two sets of LED drivers with an independent. If the driver fails before one maturely, and another group is running

6 - Make sure that the LED ceiling lights are to qualify before installing.

7 - When purchasing your LED ceiling lights look for some of the newer designs that provide a wider angler of light for the best results.

8 - Choose the correct wattage of LED ceiling lights that you need for your different uses and circumstances.

9 - You should choose carefully when buying LED ceiling lights to find the ones that meet your needs the best.

10 –when buying your LED ceiling lights Search for Plastic thick.

11 - You can take your time before you buy your LED ceiling lights and do shopping to see what the available options of in front of you, this will help you choose carefully the LED ceiling lights that meet your needs better.