led bulbs

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led bulbs can produce the similar amount of light as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs but using less energy or what's this means they produce extra Lumines per lot led bulbs too have a longer rated life on average the last more 20 years to put this in perspective.

led bulbs
led bulbs

If you installed led bulbs the same day a baby was born the ball when I need to be replaced until after their college graduation led's to not burn out the like way the incandescent or CFL bulbs do.


They're considered to be at the end of their life when they reach something called l70 which is when the bob is only producing seventy percent of its original light output as it burns towards the end if it's rated life the led light output or lumen maintenance will begin to fade on average just one led will be thrown away for every five CFL's were 30 incandescence duce reducing the amount of waste and pollution on earth otherwise known as our carbon footprint.

if every household in the US which one ball to an led it would be like taking 800,000 cars off the road or like planting $400 million trees and the energy saved could light up 4 million homes for a whole year
20 percent of the world's energy usage is from lighting I'll this could be reduced to only four percent of all lighting were converted to led and if you could collect the energy wasted by an incandescent bulb it would be enough to light up nine led's are the same brightness an easy way to explain this wasted energy is by the heat emitted by the bulb for instance an incandescent gives up enough heat to bake a cake while an led bulb remains cool to the touch

This wasted energy translates to wasted money the average led will save you more than 100 dollars over the life of the bulb look around at the number of socket you have the savings start to stack up in addition to the energy savings
Led bulbs were deuce maintenance time and costs
I'll so simple math tells us that less energy use advantage longer life advantage reduced maintenance costs equals saving some green and don't forget the added bonus of going green at the same time make the switch to led and start saving.