led replacement bulbs

3:57 AM
led replacement bulbs that you can easily do that after you read this article that shows you the replacement steps in the sequence of a clear and simple


The first stage is Remove old lights and divided into the following steps   

1. Remove the light box from the scribe.
2. Cut off the old cable and remove it from the old power supply.
3. Remove the old halogen light bulbs
4. Leave the ceramics and the wire leads just in case of future halogen replacement
5. Unscrew metal ring from the side of the light box.

The second stage is install new Led panels and divided into the following steps

1. Put the cable from the power supply through the light box from the outside to the inside. Make sure that the power cable goes through the round metal ring then into the light box.
2. Screw the black and red cables onto the metal clamps.
3. On the Led panel put electrical tape on the front side and the backside of the panel.
4. Slide the Led panel into the light box, lights facing outward and the soldering holes closest to the hole where the power cable goes into the light box.
5. Attach the clamps to the soldering holes on the Led panel.
6. Put extra electrical tape wrapping the clamp and the attached power cable to the clamps. Make sure red is connected to positive and Black is connected to negative.
7. Power on the Led to check the lights
8. Secure the Led panels using the white tie cables. Make sure that the Led panel is centered; left and right sides are square.
9. Double check everything is secure and power on the lights again.
10. Secure the light box back on the scribe.
11. Put the diffuser paper back into the light box.
12. Power on the light