Recessed Lights

10:16 PM
Today I will tell you the basics of recessed lighting whether you're constructing a new home or remodeling an existing structure recessed lights are an excellent way to add value and beauty to your home.
Recessed Lights
Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are versatile and present light in either a general purpose setting or as I way to highlight specific areas of your home. Because of their recessed nature you get all the illumination with none of the visual clutter.

Recessed lights are comprised of three sections the first section is the housing the second section is the illumination and the third section are the trims
Here you have an example of  IC-rated new construction housing
It is new construction because it goes attached to the joist by these arms on the sides it is IC-rated because you can have the installation go right up to the box without any risk of hazard of heat

The second is also new construction, as you can see, with the arms
Whether you're constructing a new home but you cannot have the installation coming up to the fixture and then the third type is a remodel housing

This one is very simply inserted by making a hole in the ceiling and attaching the arm through and then being held in place by brackets and by a trim that pops in at the very end.

The second part to recessed lights is the illumination
Typically they were used with medium based bulbs that look like this or with a PAR20 or PAR30, that look like this Later on, lighting advanced and low-voltage fixtures were made which, typically look like this, an MR16 Now the latest technology which is the LED
The LEDs mimic the shapes of the traditional ones but it has other advantages like a longer life, reduced heat and less electric consumption
They can also still be used with these fixtures but you need a special dimmer in order for it to work


The third part to the recessed lights is the trim this is just the aesthetic part
It comes in square, circle or a mixture of both
You may have a square on the outside and a circle on the inside

My one recommendation is to always use something with a gimbal
The gimbal is the section in the middle that will move around this will give you flexibility in case you want to light an artwork, or a niche or some kind of statue.

there are a few examples of recessed lights being installed in a new construction application are attached to studs. Once attached and the electrical work is run the ceiling is applied. In remodel applications the ceiling is existent and holes are made to accommodate the fixtures.

These can be tricky because the placement of the lights is based not only on their functional value but too on existing studs and other factors in your ceiling.

Once the holes and electrical work have been run the installer pushes the remodel housing through the open hole and attaches using brackets in the housing.
As always remember these installations should be complete by a licensed contractor or electrician.