halloween lights by remote control

11:37 PM
Here's a remotely interesting lighting tip for every Halloween lights. you can turn on or off all of your Halloween lights with the push of a single remote control bottom without run from room to room all over the house indoors and out bending over and plugging your illuminated decorations into wall sockets. If you want to invest in a set of X-10 Control Units.
halloween lights by remote control

They're not dirt cheap, but you can use them for Halloween lights, Christmas lights or all the year long. You can find started for around 50 to 75 bucks and these devices will serve you for years to come! You'll need at least one PLUG-IN RF UNIT.

This is the "Base" module. You can plug one set of lights into it. You'll also need the remote control which may be 12 to 20 dollars. You can usually buy the base with 1 remote as a package deal for around 30 dollars. For each area that you would normally plug lights into, you will need another different kind of module. I recommend an X10 Appliance Module 3-Pin.

Nowadays for all you great geeks You can even find an Iphone or I-pad apps to control these babies and you can find really fancy controlling different rooms and adding other modules like dimmer modules and timers. But let's get back to our story for us simple boys and ghosts. When you have your base, remote control, and appliance modules, Just follow the instructions that come with each device.

It should be as simple as
1) Put batteries in the remote.
2) Plug in the base module into a wall socket. You may too plug in the lights in that room that you want to control INTO the base module.
3) Go to another room or location. Plug the appliance module into the wall socket. Plug the lights that are nearby into that module.
4) make sure that the control dials on every device are at the same settings so that your remote will control these devices.

Now...with the press of the on or off button, you can control all of your lights as Halloween lights!
A tip on where to get these: Locally at Radio Shack, Fry's electronics, or most electronics centers. Or, search for the best deal online.