led lights

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With led lights you have different shades of white and that's a fairly unique feature by ellios but also makes it look more confusing.
led lights
led lights

So you have a halogen light like white but as you know if I'd white and because you know if we call it warm white it's not work because boulders Lot well is why I but that's not what we call a warm white recall warm white because look at your skin color.

So this caller is about 2,700 degrees detained in interviews color temperature I Calvin is a in it the measurement that we don't always think about that surround forty four hundred degrees Fahrenheit in terms of

If you want to go to there are two thousand
450 cells many cases just have is just a number so 2700 K one way will give you hungry or color so you only a led light that bill make that caller that say you wanted somehow to my ass and you why I S and L E is to it you going to take
2708 warm white and if we put them both together you see that callers is very compatible I'm actually the only the Lakers are very smooth curved beam how things got weird things going on because reflector you will see that much Justin's by can see the Caller temperature these two are almost identical.

Let's say that you don't really like the lowest quality of halogen light you want to have something little bit wider but not to wipe listen for we have clean white in this color is still worth to her by it is a three thousand degrees Kelvin is what we call it
I'm and so is basically if you want something white house in like but erase the hell first 3000k clean white but now start getting into something that's a little bit of who were in color Hulu meaning a little bit more were this light can see is much more blue kind of color then 3000k much more yes in the 2700 K

the application for this kinda way I if you have a very modern kind of environment the 1i have super clean looking maybe a jewelry store you want to have usual sparkle work you just want to have a super clean crisp kinda look last
4000k you go beyond that into cool I S we find that is on four thousand hey really starts to look a little bit worth and people are generally not too keen on that kind of look

So the question is what is the what these numbers me
I 2700 Kelvin 3000.com 4,000 Colin White well is all about why we have these funny numbers naturist that the caller is correlated sue I'll if you were able to he rather ir
2007 Hungary's Cowan you will glow kinda you know

If you saw the if you saw the clip with the toaster and you will see that the the filament load kinda or nice due to the temperature the film reach I if you took the iron your YouTube $300k it would glow this time to yellow with white if you go he didn't see from 1000 K is going well this kinda freaking white index capital and heating up to 4000 series going it's going to glow

This kind of pure white if you care on getting it to six or eight thousand the resultant
Calvin it worked begins to glow blue so the correlated color temperature the color like correlates to the heating or theoretical visa higher if you think you have more way yellowish like collagen clean why being like a house in both the old no and natural white being like noonday Sun that's so I'm that's what color temperature at all nutshell and course you don't have to do that involves.

The LED strip is also available yeah warm white Fremont and after wife so you can even mix two goals if you want to have you for a look with clean lines balls my family stress cell Follow ill