LED lighting solutions

9:26 AM

Today I wanted to talk to you about LED lighting solutions like the RGBW (warm white) strip. A lot of customers want to have RGB lighting as well as warm white lighting at the same time. I mean you could put an RGB light and a warm white strip at the same time but sometimes there is not enough space or that is just not efficient.

So here at I'd come up with a solution for that.

LED lighting solutions
LED lighting solutions

I have come up with the RGBW Strip and basically what this strip is an RGB strip with warm white diodes all together. So it alternates from RGBW (warm white) RGBWW and it goes like that all the way down to the strip.
Not only is this strip awesome because it has a Warm White in the RGB all together. But the PCB board that everything is mounted on it is a lot thicker and it is made with a lot more pure copper.


So that makes the strip very efficient. It dissipates heat really well and it really minimizes voltage drop and current drop and all that stuff. This strip could be control with DMX or it could just be controlled with regular DC power. But for most applications DMX works pretty well.
To control this you need a driver a DMX LED driver and I have the LED-CON4-R2. This is the new 4 channel controller from SIRS-E. This is a revision 2 model it has more watts per channel and also it has a flicker free frequency refresh rate.

So if you are doing anything like that where your lights. Flicker will keep it from doing that. For a lot of home applications like a lot of customers have asked us like for kitchen cabinets and things like that.
I got these cool stand alone DMX controllers. Here I have the LumiDesk Touch Nano (LD Touch Nano) this is a nice simple little controller.
You know you can create your scenes, scroll, change and all that stuff. And you program all your scenes with your computer.


Then, connect this to the driver. The driver to your LED Strip and there you go you got control. If you are looking for something a small more sophisticated a little more esthetically pleasant.
I got the Stick-DE3 this here you got a colored wheel. You could select all sorts of colors. It got a LCD display you could label all your shows.

This is pretty much as this but this is a standalone DMX interface. But it is a little bit more sophisticated it's got a little bit more "bells and whistles" (sort of speak).
So this is pretty much it. This is like a said the RGBW strip. It is very cool for the different things you can do with it.