led street light

8:42 AM

Led street light of Airwins "the Only One" is high efficiency mounting type new design LED light that offers convenience and elegant design. It can be used these lightings for anti-crime lights, street lamps, outdoor parking lots, apartment complex parking lots, and theme parks.

led street light
led street light

You can also installed CCTV in it and use it in schools. New design lights are excellence light for installing at the entrances of parks, apartment complexes, and theme parks.

It uses bulb-type LED light. These are designed to replace high costing module type LED light which using separated power supplying device.

The amount of light bulbs can be adjusted according to limitation quantity and necessity. The socket type lamp can be easily maintained and repaired by anyone.

Color and height can be adjusted to fit in with surroundings when it installed apartment complexes, parks, or various theme parks.

In addition, you have an option to install various kinds of benches at the bottom of light pole and create a resting of area that you can read or have a casual conversation.

New design light can be installed by build in small wind turbine with different capacity which can be mounted.
Airwins creates relievable high quality products with new designs.