led MR16 lamp

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Introducing led MR16 Outdoor 3000K. This is specifically designed and tested for outdoors in difficult environments. The Outdoor LED-00081 has a beam spread of 25 degrees a field of 42 degrees and a center beam candle power of 2020.
led MR16 lamp
led MR16 lamp

The narrow flood beam spread, the medium field and the center beam candle power is ideal for lighting a narrow area. At 9.5 watts this lamp makes it a great for a narrow beam of light shinning on a garden statue or shrubs.

Many people want a light source that puts out small to no heat, cuts your energy bill, reduces maintenance cost and puts out a perfect beam of even bright light with high color rendering. Well the LED MR16's can do just that. This is the world's leading developer of solid-state lighting technology built on pure gallium nitride substrates that will not overheat and fail where other MR16s can. Its leading technology is two years in front of competition.

It is designed to safely shut down due to conditions of any thermal environment not conducive to minimal airflow or proper ventilation. The LED MR16 is has a single light source with a single crisp shadow and it works with magnetic and electronic transformers plus dimmers, making it ideal for track lighting in museums, art galleries, and trade stores.

It also fits recessed light fixtures in homes and offices. But wait there's more...they are also an excellent light source for landscape applications. MR16 comes in two color temperatures, 2700K plus 3000K.

Delivers a great circular beam with the right amount of center beam candle power which characterizes the beam appearance and the maximum beam intensity of a directional lamp
These lamps are very low preservation with a 25,000 to 35,000 hour life, making them ideal for hard to reach applications. The led MR16s save over 80 percent of energy compared to standard halogen lamps.