ceiling light for bathroom (how to replace)

3:00 PM
Upgrading your ceiling light for bathroom is an easy project that allows you to not only enhance the style of your bathroom but also add useful task lighting to help you get ready for the day. Today I am going to tell you how to replace your bathroom vanity light.

ceiling light for bathroom
ceiling light for bathroom (how to replace)

The tools you're going to need are: Wire Cutters, Wire Nuts, Screwdrivers (or drill and drill bits for convenience). You may also need a utility knife.

First, always make sure you turn the power off.

Next, disconnect the old fixture from the wall. Our fixture was sealed to the wall, so we had to use the utility knife to cut around the seal of the light.

Now, disconnect the wires and the bracket from the junction box.
Next, connect the bracket of your new light fixture to the junction box.

Now connect the wires of the new light fixture by matching colors. Black to black, white in the direction of white, Ground in the direction of ground.


With the wires connected, hide the wires and attach the light fixture to the bracket.

Once the light is connected, you may need some paint to touch up any exposed areas around the new fixture. i decided to just go ahead and paint the whole bathroom as part of our bathroom makeover.
Turns the lights on, and enjoy your new light fixture