philips led lighting Review

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Today I am going to tell you my Review about Philips led lighting, these are the Philips L-Prize award winning bulbs. So they're ten watt bulbs, they're the equivalent to a sixty watt bulb but they give they give off 940 lumens which is actually a little more than with a sixty watt bulb gives off.
philips led lighting
philips led lighting Review

So they are LEDs, supposed to last practically forever, you'll have to leave them in your will. So twenty two point eight years nice thing is that they are dimmable. They are a soft white.
It's kinda funny 'cause they're actually yellow here but when you turn them on they become pure white. Actually on the back they talk about that.

So this is when they're off; this is when they are on.
And after turning them on that really is true
So there are a lot of benefits to it. So for one thing, you get a lot more lumens than a regular sixty watt light bulb gives off.
It only uses ten watts, but plugging into the kilo-o-watt meter it actually uses a little more than eight kinda almost nine.

But the nice thing about it gives off almost the same exact light as a regular incandescent bulb. I t looks almost exactly the same.
It's not like the cfls where they give kind of a yellowish light or the previous LEDs which kinda give off more of a bluish tone.
There's a couple of gotcha. There is it's not a suitable for everywhere. I'll see if I can focus better.

So you can't use them and enclosures or in tight-fitting spaces. Basically they'll cook themselves. uh... there's a whole list here on the back that their not usable for.
Pretty much just regular open lights where or they can kinda dispense the heat so they have a little paragraph here on the L-prize. What it means and how they won it and all that blah blah blah stuff.


So down here they have where they talk about how it energy it save, how much power it uses, how long it lasts and they have the warranty on it so the bulb itself of this kind of nice
I have an open one and definite looks different than a regular light bulb. Same connection though. But it definitely looks different; it's also a lot heavier so the yellow doesn't light up yellow when it is turned on its more of a white compared to what I had before got this from SMUD at the State Fair. They were just giving these away.

This is the sixteen watt... or sixty watt bulb using fourteen watts of power. But it looks more like a regular light bulb just with a CFL inside.
Power wise this uses a lot less and gives off a lot more light. This uses fourteen watts but looks more like a regular light bulb. It's also a lot lighter.
But it doesn't give off as much light. 800 lumens versus 940 lumens and the coloring is a little bit different this is more of a kinda yellow where this is really white or really close to it But not like the LED white, more like an incandescent light
Here actually we will do a little example. I'll light them both up side by side.
This one's new in the packaging and this one's new in the packaging-never been used so let's go ahead and do that right now.

Alright so here's our non so technical test on the left hand side we have a sixty watt CFL that's never been used and on the right hand side we have the L-Prize Phillips LED sixty watt bulb also that has never been used and they're both hooked up to a surge protector. I'm going to flip the switch and they'll both turn on at the same exact time so we'll see what happens the L-Prize is already at full brightness

The CFL is really dim but it takes about a minute for it to get the full brightness And there's the test. And you can see against the wall that it has pretty good spread coverage
It has those three lil sections that it shoots light out of, you can't really see that on there and the cfl bulb is now brightening up

It's also not quite a fair contrast because the CFL bulb is only rated for 800 lumens where as the Phillips LED L-Prize is rated for 940 lumens but also the LED one uses a lot less energy ten watts... well not A LOT less but 10 watts vs. fourteen watts for the sixty watt bulb.

Alright so the Philips LED actually did pretty well compare to the CFL. Turned on instantly, full brightness businessmen to the government said skip full brightness now but as far as this one is with u brighter forty one percent amendments that was those expected uh... the of nice thing is desired immobile this was not as that will be giving Campbell soup bowls after listening to that worked very well had to get your demme's the led approved ones for the Phillips one where is your bills mammy network the older style

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