led strip lighting with led controllers

8:00 AM
I will talk about controlling single color LED strip using a small selection of LED controllers
Firstly, I will tell you how to adjust the brightness levels, and turn off and on some strip starting with one of lowest cost devices to achieve this. The part numbers of the products I am using and I will go through each part with you to explain what they are
led strip
led strip lighting with led controllers

The first product is LED-TDS. This is a simple touch sensitive dimmer that sits in between the power supply or LED driver depending on what you are using to power the LED strip and the strip it. I am also using one of 12vdc 5 amp power supplies. You will see this power supply has fixing lugs so it can be secured down to any flat surface and an integral mains lead.
This PSU can be simply plugged into a standard UK socket, or the UK plug could be removed if you would prefer to wire it into a fused spur.


Finally you need the LED strip 9.6 watts per meter 12vdc cool white LEDstrip.
Ensure the power supply is plugged in and switched off before making the following connections.

First plug the power supply into the input socket of the LED-TDS touch dimmer. Then connect the output connector of the touch dimmer into the socket of the LED strip.
You will remember all of single color LED strip comes pre-fitted with a suitable input socket to facilitate quick powering or you can fit these input sockets yourself where the strip has been cut down.

Once it's all connected, switch the power supply on. A quick touch of the LED-TDS will turn the LED strip on and off. If you touch and hold the LED-TDS it will dim up and down until you release it at your desired brightness level. The LED-TDS can be touched anywhere on its case and is supplied with a Velcro pad which allows dimmer to be located on any flat clean surface.
I will now move on to demonstrate how little hand held remote,  which is supplied as 2 parts, can be used to control your LED strip. I will use the same LED and power supply as before, as well as a little cable, which will allow us to quickly connect the power supply to the receiver part of the controller and cable to help connect the strip into the controller

First, plug the cable into the output of the power supply. Then take the bare wires from the cable and connect them into the input side of the receiver part of the compact-dim. The White wire is stamped with writing and this is the + wire. The negative wire has no writing or markings.
Now connect to the output side of the receiver & plug the strip into the strip into it. The receiver and hand held remote should already be paired together, but just in case i will tell you how to pair the 2 parts together here Press the ID Learning button on the receiver. You will see when you do this the flashing LED remains on.

Then press any key on the remote to pair the 2 parts. The LED will now flash rapidly to confirm pairing has been successful. You are now ready to use the little remote to control your LED strip.
Touching various areas of the wheel on the remote achieves varying brightness levels. Full instructions are provided.

Now, i will tell you how to use LEDWALLDIM-WHITE. This unit is a wireless wall mounted LED strip dimmer and is the final example of controlling single color LED strip.
Once again I will use the same tape, the same power supply, the LEDWALLDIM-WHITE and the receiver unit which is supplied separately. I supply the receiver separately as it's possible to pair multiple receiver units to just one of the wall controllers which enables you to power a large amount of LED strip, in multiple locations if required.

The wireless wall controller unit is battery powered so can be mounted literally anywhere without having to run wires to it. First remove the front face from the LEDWALLDIM-WHITE by gently pulling the dial off, along with the plastic collar.
Then insert the button cell battery in its carrier in the slow ensuring the + on the battery lines up with the + marked on the unit. Then re-assemble the front cover & replace the collar and dial.
Next, connect the power supply which is fitted with the output cable into the LEDWALLDIM-RECEIVER unit. Then connect your LED strip into the receiver unit. Make sure the + and minus wires are the right way round.

Then pair the wall mounted dimmer and the receiver unit together. Instructions are supplied, but this is simply done as follows. Briefly press the learning button on the receiver, and then press the dial on the wall switch in. Your LEDs will flash once to show pairing has been successful.
You can see that you can now wirelessly adjust the brightness levels of your LED strip. Turn it off and on by pressing the dial as demonstrated. The dimming is achieved using a PWM signal, which provides smooth linear operation.