led christmas lights

8:27 AM
When purchasing LED Christmas lights, bulb size is an important factor to consider. Bulbs are categorized by letter and number to help you select the ideal size and shape.

led christmas lights
led christmas lights

C stands for cone and the number corresponds to how many eighths of an inch in diameter it is at the bulge. G stands for globe, because it is spherical in shape.

An advantage of G bulbs is that they look similar, no matter what angle they are viewed from. We also have mini lights that come in two shapes: the torpedo and the conical. The minis and globes have diameters measured in mm, so a 5mm mini torpedo is 5 mm in diameter, which is 1/5 of an inch, similar to traditional mini incandescent bulbs.


We tend to think of Christmas bulbs as "large or small and for typical LED one-piece strings, where the bulb is permanently fixed to the string, the large bulbs are spaced more widely than the small ones.

The large bulb group is comprised of C7, C9 and G25 bulbs and is perfectly suited for outside use since the bulbs are larger and the spacing is greater, so you can cover a larger space on a budget.


On the premium strings, spacing is usually 8 inches while spacing on the commercial strings is usually 12 inches. The small bulb group is comprised of the mini conical, C5, C6, G12, and mini torpedo shapes and is great for indoor or outdoor use.

The spacing between the bulbs is usually 4 or 6 inches. The mini conical bulb shape is our most popular. The bulb has a lens that radiates light in all directions, creating excellent dispersion.