current control led strip lights

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Current Control Strip Lights are LED Lights Strips that are capable of providing uniform brightness and color throughout the entire reel, even over long distances.
led strip lights
current control led strip lights

Traditional strip light uses resistors to limit current, so LEDs farther from the power supply experience voltage drop, and thus lower current, which makes them dimmer than near the power source.

It can also cause color problems in RGB systems because the red, green and blue diodes are affected by voltage drop differently. With our current control strips, we use a current regulator instead of a simple resistor, which ensures that LEDs receive the proper current, independent of voltage drop. The result is uniform LED colors and brightness over longer lengths.


This makes installation easier because longer runs can be made with power applied to only one end of the strip. It may also reduce the number of power supplies needed.

For LED strip applications in which the installation time and cost are important, such as stage lighting and larger architectural locations, our current control strips are the way to go!
current control strip uses a constant voltage power supply, differentiating it from constant current strip, which is powered by a constant current driver.
would be happy to explain exactly what you need for your project.

Current control Strip Lights have become a preferred of stage lighting and studio professionals since they are come in such a wide variety of options.
Current control strip lights come in both standard and waterproof versions, by a waterproof rating of IP67.

You can purchase Current Control LED strip lights in white, ranging from very warm white to daylight white, in single color, including amber and UV black light, and inside RGB and RGA varieties.


Additionally, current control strip lights come in both single and double row varieties, offering different brightness levels based on your needs.

What's more, Current Control LED strip is UL-listed in the low voltage luminaire category, so you know it's safe, and it's adaptable.

Current Control Strip light can be mounted to any clean and dry surface using its pre-coated high-adhesion sticky back or it can be placed in one of  compatible channel systems.
Controlling your Current Control Strip is incredibly easy since offer such a wide selection of controllers, dimmers and remotes.