led lights strips

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Led lights strips are essentially a strips of tape with LEDs on it and are generally used for indirect lighting applications such as cove, accent, and under cabinet lighting.
led lights strips
led lights strips

Although it can be used in more creative specialty applications as well. It can be flexible or rigid, waterproof or non-waterproof, linear or modular, and are available in a variety of colors.

Non-waterproof Strip light can easily be mounted to any clean and dry surface using its pre-coated high-adhesion sticky back or it can be placed in one of our compatible aluminum channel systems.

Led lights strips are sold by the reel or by the foot.
Each reel typically gives you 5 meters of lighting; a full reel is always the most cost effective way to purchase led lights strip.

You can also purchase led lights strips in sample kits, so you can choose the perfect color or look at the effects of each strip before committing to a large purchase.

led lights strips are available in a wide variety of color options, such as single or monochrome color, white adjustable, RGB and RGB Color Plus.

With single color strip light, the LEDs will output a monochromatic light such as warm white, pure white, or another color.

White adjustable strip light gives you the ability to tune your lights to the exact color temperature that you desire, since each diode has a warm white and cool white LED on it.

RGB strip light uses red green and blue diodes to display any color you want. When used in conjunction with a compatible controller, it also has the ability to be programmed to fade through different colors.

RGB Color Plus is similar to RGB but combines an additional fourth color, such as warm white, daylight white, or amber, onto the strip.

The brightness of led lights strip is largely determined by the density of LEDs on the strip

All the way to strip light that contains 450 LEDs per meter for applications that need very bright lighting.

The 24-volt strip is advantageous as it allows for longer continuous runs.
Current control strip lights contain special chips that regulate current and ensure brightness on long runs.

Some led lights strips are dimmable and can be controlled by a variety of controllers and remotes.

And just so you know, Environmental Lights has one of the largest supplies of UL listed led lights strips.