way to choose GU10 LED lamp

2:06 PM

Have you decided to replace your old halogen bulbs by LEDs to save energy? Then you have definitely made the right choice. Will help you choose GU10 LED lamp step by step.
The benefits GU10 LED lamps are very energy efficient as they consume less energy than standard halogen lamps for the same light output.

They also have long lifetime, on average 10 to 20 times longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs.
By switch to LEDs, you can considerably reduce your energy bills by about 80% and quit the hassle of replacing your bulbs frequently.


To choose the correct wattage of your GU10 LED lamp, you need to divide the wattage of your current halogen lamp by about 8 to find the equivalent LED wattage. For all Philips LEDs, the halogen and LED wattage is shown in the name of the product. For example, Philips Master LED spot MV 4-35W is a 4W LED lamp, made to replace 35W halogen bulbs.

You can also choose the color temperature of your GU10 LED lamp:
827 is a very warm light used in common households
830 is a warm white light, often used in hotels or restaurants
840 is a cold white light used primarily in offices or supermarkets
Most halogen lamps that you are currently using have a color temperature of 827.

Beam angle

GU10 LED lamps are available with different beam angles, according to which type of lighting you need
25 degrees for a very narrow beam, used for accent lighting to enhance objects
36 or 40 degrees for a medium beam
60 degrees for a very wide beam, used for general lighting
The most commonly used GU10 LEDs have a beam angle of 40 degrees.
Dimming not every LED lamp is dimmable so you need to be a little careful if you would like to dim the light. Dimmable LEDs from Philips have the letter D in their name: for example Philips LED spot MV D 5.5-50W is dimmable.

In most of the cases: The Philips Master LED range is dimmable and the Philips CorePro LED range is not dimmable. LEDs are compatible with most dimmers on the market.
GU10 LEDs have a voltage of 230V and can be used in your regular fixtures with a GU10 socket.

You don't need to change your installation to use LEDs, simply replace your current halogen bulb by the LED to benefit from instant savings.