white adjustable led strip lights

5:50 AM
White Adjustable LED Strip Light is modern lighting that can be adjusted across a wide range of color temperatures.

white adjustable led strip lights
white adjustable led strip lights

This strip light contains both very warm white and daylight white diodes, allowing you to tune the color temperature of the lighting anywhere between 2400 and 6500 Kelvin.

When used in conjunction with a White Adjustable Controller, the warm white and daylight white diodes are controlled together, so as one dims, the other gets brighter, creating smooth transitions between color temperatures.

These lights are great for use in restaurants, lounges, casinos, homes, retail stores, or anywhere where lighting plays an important role in creating the great mood. Warm light creates a calming effect, promoting relaxation, whereas daylight white light has the opposite effect, promoting energy and focus.

Studies have shown that providing personnel with white adjustable lighting at their desks Not only increases productivity, but reduces rates of headaches.
White adjustable lighting can be either waterproof or non-waterproof and comes in various configurations from single row to quad row, allowing you to choose the brightness that best suits your needs.

An advantage of the single row white adjustable strip is that each node contains a very warm white and daylight white diode, which gives the impression that the diode itself is changing color as you tune it. All white adjustable strip can be cut on designated cut points, so you can create the perfect length of light for your project.

The strips are high density, so the light is even, especially when used as indirect lighting.

All white adjustable strip lights come with a high adhesion sticky back that helps you mount it wherever you'd like.