RGB LED Controller

7:11 PM
Having a controller for your Color Changing LEDs is an absolute necessity when it comes to manipulating your LED lighting effects. Selecting the controller that is right for you may seem like a daunting task, since Environmental Lights offers many different types of RGB LED controllers.
RGB LED Controller
RGB LED Controller

But, as long as you know what your lighting materials are, it is actually quite easy to choose the perfect controller.
Simply speaking, an RGB controller will allow you to change and customize the color of your RGB LEDs.

If you are just looking for an easy way to directly mix colors of any RGB LED Product, you'll want something like the three channels RGB LED Dimmer, which is wired directly into the lights

Now, if you are looking to control your lights remotely, you'll want to choose a controller that has wireless remote control capabilities. There are many different remote control options, and whether you're looking to completely customize your own lighting scenes, or just want to control what color of light your LEDs are emitting, we've got you covered.

Most basic remote controls will let you customize the flush, brightness and speed of the pre programmed dynamic modes. If you are looking for a bit more control, choose a remote that features a color wheel, allowing you to quickly select a color with the tip of your finger.


Additionally, controllers such as the LinkUp series and the 3-in-1, which will allow you to not only, control your lights from wireless remote, but also via Wi-Fi with an app for your Smartphone.

If you want to delve a little deeper into programming your own custom colors, and program hold and fade times, then you'll want a remote that has custom programming capabilities, such as our PMRC Programmable Controller or T-series controller.

And finally, while most of controllers are capable of controlling large installations, if you want a controller that will allow you to create different lighting scenes in separate zones, then you'll want a remote that will give you the ability to control each zone independently.