AR111 LED lamp

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Have you decided to change your old halogen spots by LEDs to save energy? You have made the right choice!
In this article I will help you find the right AR111 LED spot step by step!

AR111 LED lamp
AR111 LED lamp

The benefits AR111 LED lamps are very energy efficient as they consume less energy than standard halogen lamps for the same light output.

They also have a very long lifetime, 10 times longer than halogen spots.
By switching to LEDs, you can reduce significantly your energy bills by about 80% and remove the hassle of replacing your bulbs frequently!



To choose the correct wattage of your AR111 LED lamp, you need to divide the wattage of your actual halogen lamp by 5 to find the equivalent LED wattage. For all Philips LEDs, the halogen and LED wattage is shown in the name of the product. For example, Philips Master LEDspot AR111 10-50W is a 10W LED lamp, made to replace 50W halogen bulbs.

You can also choose the color temperature of your AR111 LED lamp:
827 is a very warm light used in households
830 is a warm white light used in hotels or restaurants
840 is a cold white light used in offices or supermarkets
Most halogen spots that you are using now have a color temperature of 827.

Beam angle AR111 LED spots are available with different beam angles, according to which type of lighting you need:

24 degrees for a very narrow beam, used for accent lighting to enhance objects
40 degrees for a wide beam, used for general lighting
The most commonly used AR111 LEDs have a beam angle of 40 degrees.
Dimming All Philips LED spots AR111 are dimmable to create a different atmosphere in your shops and to save even more energy.

Dimmable LEDs are compatible with most dimmers on the market. Please click now on the link on your screen to see the list of all compatible dimmers.
Installation AR111 LEDs have a voltage of 12V and need to be used in combination with a transformer.

If you choose a LED with the same equivalent wattage as your current halogen lamp, you won't need to change your transformer, as LEDs are compatible with standard halogen transformers. Simply replace your current halogen spot by the LED to instantly start saving money on energy bills!

However, if you would like to choose a LED with a higher wattage, you will most likely need to change your transformer as well.