rgb led strip IP67 and IP68

4:38 PM
I wanted to talk to you about the differences between the water proof strips.
I have the IP67 and then I also have the IP68 strips.
These both strips are great for when humid applications.
led strip
rgb led strip IP67 and IP68

But some applications are wetter than others.
For example, like if you are doing some type of submerging application.

Or you are doing maybe like an outdoor patio application.
Then you choose a different strip.

First off I have the IP67 strip.
The IP67 basically is for applications that do not require submerging.
Is more for things like you know an outdoor installation, Or something that is not going to be underwater.


If you are doing some sort of underwater application then the IP68 is your best option.
The main difference between them is not the diodes and the board.
Everything in there is the same.

But the main difference is the actual covering.
The IP68 has double protection.
It's got a silicone exterior sleeve.
And an interior silicone gel.

So it is incased completely from both sides and it is harder too to the feel.
So if you actually try to squeeze it and feel how it is.
It is a lot stiffer so it is more heavy duty.
It will resist more PSI under water.
The other strip the IP67, It is a little bit softer to the touch.

If you actually touch it, it will feel less protected in the sense of how it is built.
The IP67 is also very well built.
But the thing is that is not going to be as resistance to submerging and things like that as the IP68.

So those are the main differences like I said they are both great when it comes to the color and the brightness and all that.
That is not affected at all by any means from one to the other.

But like I said the only difference is the IP rating. This is also known as the Ingress Protection.
So that is pretty much it when it comes to the IP67 and IP68 strips.