rgb colorPlus led strip lights

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RGB ColorPlus Strip Light, which is quickly becoming one of our most popular products, is a line of LED Strip Light that alternates an RGB LED Chip with an LED Chip that is either warm white, daylight white, or amber.
led strip lights
rgb colorPlus led strip lights

With the addition of the fourth color, you have much more precise color control, allowing for truer whites, purer yellows and softer pastels.

With standard RGB Strip Light, it can be difficult to achieve the specific color of white that you want since you are only mixing red green and blue. But with the added light on the
ColorPlus strip, you have the versatility to create the exact color you desire.

These lights are perfect for use in television and stage lighting, hospitality environments, such as restaurants and nightclubs, and for more specialty applications as well.

All RGB ColorPlus strip lights have a high adhesion stickyback to help you mount them to any clean and dry surface. They also work well in one channel systems, since diffusers help to give the light a more uniform look. Colorplus strip is cuttable every 100mm and comes in both waterproof and non-waterproof versions.

Controlling RGB Colorplus strip light is incredibly easy since have a number of wireless controllers and remotes that allow you to choose the scene or color you want, or create your own custom effect.

For more advanced lighting installations, use one of  DMX controllers along with 4-channel DMX Decoder.