led downlight installation manual

1:53 AM
I am going to tell you how to save money by installing, an energy efficient led downlight module in a traditional recessed downlight fixture.Does this seem like a daunting task? I guarantee it's much more beneficial (and a lot easier) than you may think!
led downlight installation manual
led downlight installation manual

First, cut the power off at the circuit breaker to the room you will be installing your light. This will help you avoid the hazard of an electric shock.
Become aware of the large uneven gaps between the fixture and the bulb? Not only is this unsightly but it allows unwanted airflow, wasting energy and increasing energy costs.

Next, go to the downlight you will be replacing. Remove the bulb and trim to free upbeat the socket. This may or may not be connected to a plate or bracket, which will you also need to remove.

Install the led module by simply screwing the led module adaptor keen on the socket, connecting the ground wire, and plugging the connector of the socket adaptor into the led module's corresponding connector.

Finally, squeeze the springs on either side of the module together and seat them into the brackets. Then you can push the module upwards until it is flush with the ceiling.

led downlight modules are at least 85% more energy efficient than traditional recessed downlights, drastically reducing energy costs and last about 10 times longer, paying for themselves many times over. Integrated LEDs with trim, lens and light source all in one provide a cleaner looking, airtight, energy efficient lighting solution.