battery powered led light strips

11:56 PM
Today I wanted to tell you guys different way to power up your LEDStrip via batteries.
Maybe you guys have been wondering how to do it what kind of batteries are good for doing so.
And today I'm going to tell you the different types of batteries out there that could do this.
battery powered led light strips
battery powered led light strips

Basically there are many types of batteries.
There's lead acid, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate, Ni-Cd.
There are a lot of batteries.

But the ones that work best for LED jobs because they require a lot of current draw are lithium polymer batteries.
Here we have a small three cell lithium polymer battery.
And by three cell that's how many volts it is.

Every cell is about 3.7 volts; the one is 11.1 volts nominal voltage.
And there are many different physical sizes.
This one is 1200 milliamp battery.
And milliamps is how much charge how much capacity the battery has.

Which means, how long is going to stay on?
So basically, this battery would stay on maybe for...
Give or take an hour or so depending on how many LED strip you have.

So if you have about a whole roll of strip
It would stay for maybe an hour so for the milliamps it also depends on how bright you have the strip and all that.

So basically this could be use to substitute a power supply that is powering up your strip
Or your controller or your DMX controller or whatever it is.
So, I'm going to tell you guys real quick.
You can just really simply tap in to the positive and negative wires.
 And you could actually get your strips to light up.

So, you could actually get the strip to light up.
Of course if you do a more permanent more solid hold with the right connectors and the right soldering and all that.
You could get it on their solid and it is not going to move.
It's going to give you a really reliable setup.

There's many different ways to charge a lithium polymer battery.
There is also a very basic dounce charger such as this one.

Basically you plug in one side of your outlet.
And then on the other side douncer plug and then you just set it and forget about it.
And once the light turns green it then was charging.

So, you know, this battery setup is really useful for mobile setups like let's say
You have a led suit for dancers or whatever and you need it to be wireless.
So, you know, you could use a battery to power it up.
You can make light panels that are wireless.
You know for ward or whatever.
You can use the same LED.

So it can work for many different kinds.
You can even use it with the RF Controller.
This is for RGB Lights. And it has a wireless remote.
And this usually takes power supply on the power input.
But you could substitute that with Lipo like this one.
And you plug it in like you would a power supply and on the other side you plug in your LEDs and there you go.

So, about 250 milliamps of charge is going to give you about 5 to 7 minutes of power for 16.4 flip strips.
So, depending on that you know, on the strip and how bright you have it all that.
You could decide which battery power would be the best.

So they go anywhere from 250 milliamps all the way to 5 or 6 thousand even 7 thousand milliamps, depending on the battery.
Obviously the more charge it has the more expensive the battery becomes.

But you always want to use 11.1 volt Lipos when using it with LEDs.
There are a lot of different voltages but 11.1 are what you want to use.