strip light (different types)

1:22 AM
I want to tell you about a light that you may, or may not have seen before. This is led strip light. This is commonly used at homes to light up underneath cabinets; you also have probably seen them in night clubs, restaurants, and hotels or even to light up the base of a car or a boat. I'm going to tell you a couple of different varieties, and you can decide which one will work best for you.
strip light (different types)
strip light (different types)

First I want to tell you the similarities between two different types of strip light. They both are remote control operated, they come in a variety of colors, and on the remote you can choose different styles, different ways of showing the lights off. So there's a flash mode, a strobe, a fade and a smooth, there's also an option for speed, so you can choose any of those functions and decide how fast or slow you would like it, and of course the on and off switch.

They are also able to be cut to size, and so you'll find on the strip light there's an indicator of where to cut. These connectable strips are about every four inches, and you'll see the indicator there. And the continuous strip is about every two, so it has a little more variety as to how long or short you want those to be.

Let me tell you the features of connectable strip light, this come in a package of eight, and they also have two corner parts, and these are really important because you might be going around a bar or cabinet corner, and you don't really want to bend this strip light too much, and so these corner parts allow you to go around the corner, and you'll still have the great feature of being able to have continuous light there. 

They also have a little arrow that you want to make sure you line up when you're plugging in your lights, so that they turn on.
Sometimes you plug them in and they don't turn on, just make sure that the arrows are coordinated up with each other, and then you should have no problem. And it's so easy to connect them as you can see to make one continuous strip of light.