white LED strip review

12:08 AM
I wanted to talk to you about the differences in the white LEDs.
White LED strips have different color variations.
And they also come in different sizes.
white LED strip review
white LED strip review

The numbers that you see before the size is pretty much how big the LED is in millimeters.
So basically today I am going to be talking you the 5050 dual density strip.
But keep in mind other sizes that may have come in different applications.
So today here I am going to be comparing the warm white, the cool white and the white LED strips.

In the camera you may not get the full perception of what the colors may actually look like.
Because the camera does not pick up exactly like the human eye does.
So you may not see a huge difference but in real life there is quite a bit of difference from color to color.

So basically I want to talk to you about the different applications that are very common for each different color.
I got the 5050 warm white.

This is something that a lot of people use more for like home applications cabinet lighting restroom lighting.
And this is more of a natural cozy type of light.
This is more like sunlight color.

This right here is more like a traditional color that a lot of people like to use in their homes.
Then we got the cool white, which is more of a bluish tone to the white itself.
It gives more of a futuristic, sophisticated type of feel to it.
A lot of people like to use this for like cabinets or display cases.

Actually, where they display jewelry and things like that.
Usually they use cool white because of the effect it has when it comes to jewelry and another type of merchandise.

Is that it gives a cool effect really makes the jewelry shine a little bit more.
And then I have the neutral white, which is our regular white strip.
Is not bluish is not yellowish is right in between.

This is perfect for your home.
If you want more of a futuristic more of a modern look this right here the white will give you that look.

This is also use in display cases as well. So it really depends what you like.
All the colors are subjective to how a person feels about it.
So those are pretty much the main difference between the three.
But like I said there are all sizes and all colors for different applications.